If we haven’t answered your questions below and you have additional questions or inquiries, please feel free to reach us directly by email at help@honcker.com, by phone at 212.466.2537 or chat with us in-app.

What is Honcker?

Honcker is the cheapest and easiest way to lease a car on the planet, all from the comfort of your smartphone. We’ve united an extensive national network of car dealerships, with a large selection of inventory, to deliver you the lowest prices on the market.

Honcker is the only place on the planet where consumers can see actual monthly lease payments on real cars on dealership lots, all directly from their smartphones!

What is a lease?

Leasing a car is similar to renting. Monthly payments are made for the duration of the lease contract, and the car is returned at the end of the contract. Cars are typically leased for two to three years and have specific mileage allowances per year that range from 7,500 miles to as high as 18,000! At the end of the lease, there is the option to buy the car, or give it back to the dealer.

Is my information safe?

Yes. We take the safety of your information seriously. We will not share your information with or sell it to anyone. Please refer to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use for more information.

Will my car be delivered, or will I be required to pick it up?

If you reside in an urban area we’re serving, we offer complimentary delivery. If you reside in a rural area, or 25+ miles from your car dealership, the dealer will contact you to set up a pick up time that is convenient for you.

Does Honcker charge any fees?

No. Honcker is free to use

I’m a dealer. Can I join Honcker?

Yes. To join our dealer network, email us at dealerdesk@honcker.com.

If my dealership is located in a different state, which state’s sales taxes will I pay?

Sales tax will be charged in the state where the vehicle is registered.

What if the address I want to register my vehicle at doesn’t match the address on my driver’s license?

Please notify us directly.

How does Honcker handle my current lease return?

We offer the option of pick up and return of your current lease. Please notify us if your current car is manufactured by a make different from the one being leased with Honcker.

Can I return my current lease before the term is up?

Yes. Enter your current lease information in the “account” and “rebate” section in the app menu and before you click lease, we’ll give you the option to roll your existing lease payments into your new lease.

How early can I return my existing lease?

Existing leases can typically be returned within six months of its due date.

What if I have a coupon that allows me to return my current lease early?

Simply add the coupon in the “account” section of the app menu and we will apply it to your new lease.

Can I see vehicles and lease prices on behalf of a family member or friend?

No. The prices shown are personalized specifically for the account holder. The price shown may be different than what another user sees. To view the most accurate prices, each individual should download the Honcker app and register on their personal devices.

Why do my friend and I see different prices for the same vehicles?

All prices are personalized specifically for the account holder and each user sees different prices. Rates are calculated based on various factors such as location, credit, applicable rebates, timing and more.

Why do I see the same car at different prices?

Honcker is a competitive marketplace where dealers are committed to providing the lowest possible prices. Every car you see is an actual car with an individual VIN number. We are experts at researching and applying the best lease programs available. All cars shown in our inventory are quoted based on various factors including dealership prices and the customer’s credit score. Each dealership representative prices its cars differently depending on what they feel their market pricing should be. This includes all available rebates and incentives to help ensure we provide our consumers the lowest possible price. So when you see a great deal, grab it; it may not last!

Is there an option to finance my car on Honcker?

We’re introducing three-step car financing in the very near future – stay tuned!

Which bank will be financing my lease?

In most cases, it will be the manufacturer’s finance arm. However, we scan lease terms from a variety financial institutions to ensure you’re getting the price and terms. If there is a better deal with another lender, we’ll reach out to you before we process your lease.

How much do I need to put down for a deposit?

Our leases are “no money down.” All that’s due at signing is first month’s payment, a bank fee and DMV fees. We also offer the option to roll these fees into your monthly payments.

What will I owe when my car is delivered?

First month’s lease payment, bank, dealer and DMV fees will be due when your car is delivered.

Does my monthly lease payment include tax?

Yes. All applicable tax is included in your monthly payment.

If I prefer to put more money down at lease signing, can I?

Yes. We can customize each lease according to your preferences.

When do I sign my credit application and my lease forms?

We require all forms to be signed upon vehicle delivery or pickup.

When am I legally bound to the lease?

You will be legally bound to your lease after the lease contract is signed.

Is Honcker available outside the U.S.?

Currently, we’re only available in the states, but stay tuned – we’re expanding soon!

When I register with Honcker or search for cars, will my credit score be affected?

No. When you register for a free account, we perform a soft credit inquiry with Experian. This inquiry will not impact your credit score. However, when your lease is submitted, a hard credit check will be performed by your delegated car dealership in order to finalize your lease.

Can Honcker help if I have bad credit?

Yes. We encourage you to reach out to us directly for assistance. Our exceptional customer service team has had great success in finding alternatives for customers experiencing similar scenarios.

I clicked the “CONFIRM” button, but now I changed my mind. Can I still cancel my lease?

Yes. You can cancel any time before the car is delivered.

How do I insure my vehicle?

Once your lease is approved, visit the “My Lease” section in the app menu. All of the information needed to provide your insurance company will be kept here, including the VIN number. Once you receive your insurance card, please upload it to the Honcker app.

Insurance will be offered directly through Honcker in the very near future!

Can I lease online, or only through the mobile app?

Currently, leasing is only available through the Honcker app. We anticipate the online leasing platform to be released soon!

I just downloaded the app and registered for an account. Why can I only see certain brands?

It’s possible you’re located in one of our newest markets and not all brands have reached you just yet! Our network is growing at McLaren speed, so check back often to see if we’ve introduced new vehicles to our inventory.

Where is my car coming from?

All of our cars come directly from our authorized dealership partners in the closest proximity to you.

What is “money factor?”

A money factor is the method of presenting the amount of interest charged on a lease with monthly payments.

What is the lowest credit score someone can have to view Honcker’s inventory?

Typically, credit scores range from 500-900. The lowest credit score a user can have to view Honcker’s inventory is 580.

Why are my temporary plates and registration from New York when I live in New Jersey)? (for example)

In some instances when vehicles are delivered with temporary plates, there will be an in-transit plate on the car until the official license plates and registration are issued. These temporary plates can be from a state that is different than the customer’s residency.

How do used car trade-ins and appraisals work?

If you have a used car you’d like to sell, after placing your lease order, we’ll connect you directly with the dealership to have your current vehicle appraised. After the appraisal, your dealership representative will present you a new monthly price. If you’re not satisfied with your appraisal quote, we provide you the option to cancel your lease. Honcker will soon offer this option in-app!

If the dealer delivers my vehicle with temporary license plates, when will my permanent license plates and registration arrive?

Your permanent license plates and registration will arrive prior to the expiration of your temporary license plates.

Can I negotiate a lesser price?

No. We are committed to bringing you the lowest prices available. Our dealerships competitively price its vehicles and unfortunately, there isn’t wiggle room to go lower.

When do I pay for my lease and how?

Lease payment is payable by credit card or check. Your first payment is due directly to the dealership at signing. Thereafter, you’ll be billed directly by the lender.

Why haven’t I received a SMS verification text?

If you haven’t received a SMS verification upon registration, it’s likely that there is a block that was placed on your mobile number previously. Reach out to us directly and we can remove the block.

Am I affecting my credit score by using this app?

No. The soft credit inquiry performed at registration does not affect your credit score. Neither does browsing our inventory. To finalize your lease, your designated dealership will perform the hard credit check after you confirm your order, which can affect your credit score.

Will my car come with two sets of keys?


Can I cancel my account?

Yes. Contact us directly and your account will be deleted upon request.

Can I lease a car in one state and then move to another state?

Yes. We can process all interstate leases.

Are the cost of license plates and registration included?

Yes. Whether you choose to get new plates, or keep your old plates, both options are included in your order.

Can I add a co-signer through the app?

Yes. As you’re registering for an account, you’ll see the option to add a co-signer. Co-signers can also be added in the “account” section of the app. If you’d like to add a co-signer to an open order, contact us directly.

Why can’t I see pricing on some vehicles on the first or second days of the month?

In the beginning of the month, our system updates our price programs. At this time, vehicle prices are unavailable.